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Art Worth Dying For?

Is a work of art worth dying for?

That’s a question asked in the new movie, The Monuments Men. The film is based on a true story from the Second World War about how some art experts were commandeered to save priceless works of art from being destroyed. It is set in Europe, where stolen paintings, sculptures and other precious objects had been stockpiled in hidden locations.

The Bible likens all men and women to God’s works of arts. In an ancient prophecy by a man called Malachi, God describes each of us as his “treasured possession” (Malachi 3:17 NIV UK). Eugene Peterson, in his Message version of the book of Hebrews, discusses how believers are like a “grand work of art” in progress (Hebrews 6:1). Paul, a follower of Jesus Christ, wrote that we are God’s special handiwork, created specifically for kindness and goodness (Ephesians 2:10).

We may not view ourselves as a work of art, but, from God’s viewpoint, that’s exactly what we are. We’re something worth looking at, something worth treasuring, something worth celebrating. And, what’s more, we are something worth dying for. That’s what Jesus did. He died for us that we might live for all the world to see: his love and grace on display.

You are a living work of art, treasured by God. - Used with permission from Because.

You can read more about the real Monuments Men of WWII here.

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