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We are a happy group of Christians seeking to know God better and to do His will in our lives.


We come from diverse backgrounds, and from all over Auckland, from Helensville and Silverdale in the north, to Tuakau and Waiuku in the south. Our mission is to live and share the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. Thank you for visiting our web page. We welcome you to visit us in person any time, or to contact us.



The Auckland pastoral team helps the pastor in providing pastoral care to the congregation.  This includes functions such as worship leading, visiting, counselling, preaching, teaching, outreach and evangelism.



The first pastoral team was established in 2000, and now meets quarterly.  Currently the team comprises David and Marilyn Wong, Lianne Trevarthen, and Rex Morgan.


Our pastor, Rex Morgan, was born in Christchurch. His family was involved with Worldwide Church of God from the time it began in New Zealand. Rex’s parents had moved north to the Waikato, and his family was present during the early services of the church in Auckland in the late sixties.


In 1970, Rex went to Ambassador College at Bricket Wood, England. After graduation, he worked in the mailing area of the church’s office in Auckland and later worked with the circulation and advertising of the church's several magazines. He was ordained as a minister in 1979, and has served in many of the NZ congregations over the years, as well as having particular responsibilities in working with our congregations in Vanuatu.


Rex is married to Marilyn, and has two adult children, both married, and three grandchildren. He has served as pastor of the Auckland congregation since July 2000. The congregation adopted the new name Grace Communion Auckland in 2013 to reflect our affiliation with GCI International.


Rex is happy to answer any queries you may have. Please feel free to contact him by phone at (09) 489 8910, mob (027) 439 6010, or email him through the contact page.


As with most congregations of the GCI in Australasia, Auckland has a Local Advisory Council (LAC), which advises the pastor and pastoral team on matters concerning the physical administration of the congregation (budgeting, strategic planning, activities, outreach ideas, advertising, etc.).

Many members of the congregation have served on the LAC since its establishment in 1999.  Generally, new members are elected by the congregation, and they serve for a maximum of three years.  The team selects a chairman and a secretary.  Meetings are held every month or two, and are always minuted. As of December 2012, the LAC comprises the following members: Gwen Donald, Owen Hooper (chair), John Mata'afa, Gael Nottingham, and Jim Wood (secretary).

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