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GCI New Zealand is an evangelical denomination affiliated to Grace Communion International. With its world headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, Grace Communion International is a participating member of the National Evangelical Association (NEA). In New Zealand we are members of the NZ Christian Network, which is part of the World Evangelical Alliance. The church has been active in this country since the late 1950s, arriving here from Australia and establishing its first congregations in the 1960s, known as Worldwide Church of God.  The church has been through some transformational changes and its journey from legalism to grace has given it a unique perspective. Check out a brief history of the church by following this link.



Although GCI is one of the smaller denominational groups in the country, its members nevertheless strive to be caring neighbours and helpful members of the community. Many are involved in the work of community and special needs groups. The church does, however, support congregation-wide outreach work in some centres.


Our Auckland congregation pastor travels to Vanuatu once or twice a year to provide pastoral support to a GCI congregation there and assist with various local projects. Past projects in Vanuatu supported by our New Zealand members have been - a water tank, a toilet and ablutions facility, and a church meeting building. Some of our members have been blessed to visit and provide physical help with these projects.



LINKS to other GCI sites:

Our New Zealand denominational site is here.

Also see GCI Australia.

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