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 Many thanks to Janet Middleton, who typed these sermon notes.

God's Tapestry

A well known poem, "The Plan of the Master Weaver" compares our lives to a beautiful tapestry God is weaving, using both light and dark coloured threads, picturing joyful and sorrowful times. This sermon explores this useful analogy.

The Shekinah and You

This sermon traces the history of the Shekinah through the Old Testament, and shows from the New Testament what this remarkable phenomenon is and the incredible meaning it has for us today!

Unlocking the wonderful wealth of meaning contained in the passage in Hebrews 10:19-20: “Therefore brothers, since we have confidence to enter the Most Holy Place by the blood of Jesus,  by a new and living way opened for us through the curtain, that is, His body.”

The Ascension of Jesus and what it means to us

Many Christians suffer from ADD.  This is not a reference to Attention Deficit Disorder, but Ascension Deficit Disorder. This sermon puts an end to that disease!

Character of Gold

The Bible compares the rare and valuable commodity of physical gold to the character of a Christian, which is like precious spiritual gold refined and purified by God, prepared to be part of the New Jerusalem, a city made of gold.

Up, Up and Away!

What does the remarkable ascension of Jesus mean for us today?

A companion sermon to the ascension sermon just above.

The Great Rescue

The astounding rescue of 33 trapped miners from a collapsed mine in Chile in 2010 aptly symbollises the great spiritual rescue the gospel offers to a world trapped in sin. This sermon was given as the crisis unfolded in 2010.

God the Seeker

God wants us to seek Him, but he sought us first, and loves us more than we realise.

Importance of the Incarnation

The Great God who created the Universe became a helpless baby in a manger. What a stupendous mystery! Could there possibly be anything more amazing than that?

Where is Heaven?

What is heaven? Where is it? Will we all be going to heaven when we die? Or are we already there?

Spiritual Meaning of the Tabernacle

It is phenomenal how each and every physical aspect of the Old Testament tabernacle pointed to Jesus Christ, and to spiritual implications in our lives today!

Your Wedding Invitation...

You are invited to the most magnificent royal wedding of all time!

This sermon  by Rex Morgan compares the Christian life to a walk along a beach.  The vast ocean pictures  God’s endless love, which drowns our sins. Just as the sea brings the shells, and the waves mould the rocks into smooth stones and eventually into sand, so the love of God washes, cleans and shapes the people of God.


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From Saul to Paul

Lord Lyttleton wrote “The conversion and apostleship of Paul alone, duly considered, was in itself a demonstration sufficient to prove Christianity is a divine revelation.” His conversion was a watershed moment in world history.

Are You Wearing Your Spiritual Clothes?

The Bible has a lot to say about clothes, from the beginning in Genesis right through to the book of Revelation.

The Three Comings of Jesus

The first and second comings of Jesus are well known and reported on. But what do you know about Christ's third coming?

From Swords To Ploughshares

A review of the plentiful Bible passages predicting the second coming of Jesus Christ.

A Glimpse into Glory

What can we learn from the spectacular mountaintop experience of the Transfiguration of Jesus?

What is the Purpose of Life?

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why”, wrote author Mark Twain. But is there anything to find out? Is there a reason why we were born?

Ruth: From Rags to Riches

The account of Ruth's romance has been called "the most beautiful short story in the world". But the spiritual lessons it has for the Church today make it even more magnificent and meaningful.

Cleaning the House

Lessons for our lives from the overturning of the money changers' tables by Jesus in the Temple.

Made in God's Image

Genesis 1:26 says God made man "in His image". What does that mean and how does it apply in our spiritual lives?

Possess the Land

Jesus Christ is our spiritual Promised Land.

Peter's Last Words

The comments the Apostle Peter made just prior to his death reveal seven important steps to spiritual success.

A New Creation

This sermon draws a comparison between the seven days of the physical creation of Genesis 1 and the spiritual creation God is now producing in our lives.

The Spiritual Resistance

Spiritual lessons we can learn from the resistance fighters of WW2 Europe in our struggle to resist Satan's influence in our lives.

What does the Bible say about retirement and growing older? Indeed it has much to say regarding "Senior Saints".

End-time Prophecy

Where are we now in prophecy? How close are we to the end?

Coffee and Christianity--the Gospel in a Cup

Grab a hot cup of coffee and let's look at seven spiritual lessons we can learn from the world's most popular beverage.

Luther Sees the Light

A look at the story behind the Protestant Revolution.

Making God Smile

"The smile of God is the goal of your life", says Rick Warren in "The Purpose Driven Life". Is God smiling at you?

Making Sense of Suffering

At times of disaster, lots of people ask the question – “Where is God in all this suffering? Why does He allow it?” As we go through trials and problems personally, the question keeps on coming up from time to time, and we continue to wrestle with it. So let’s notice a few things the Bible says about trials and suffering…

Spiritual Formation

How can Jesus Christ be formed inside us?

It's Christmas Time Again

Lessons from the birth of Jesus

Should we observe Christmas?

A consideration of the objections cited by people who believe Christmas is pagan and should be avoided by Christians.

God's Gracious Gifts

God has given us so much!

The BE-attitudes

We think of the "beatitudes" in the sermon on the mount, but in fact the Bible is full of beautiful beatitudes!

Spiritual Trees, Part 1

God compares Christians to Trees.

Spiritual Trees, Part 2

Focusing on lessons learnt from the giant sequoias of California...

Have you been Born Again?

What is the difference between a "born again" Christian and a regular "Christian"?  What does "born again" mean, and when and how does it happen? Have you been born again?

The Two Ways

We all have to choose between the two trees in the Garden of Eden.

The Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness has immense power--to stop conflict and disagreements, to remove guilt and to bring peace. It is a fundamental quality of God's nature and is critical to our lives.

Slow Down!

We don't have to do everything at breakneck speed! God says "Be still and know that I am God."

A sermon showing how the wonderful process of metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly pictures the way a Christian's mind is renewed by the Holy Spirit so that Christ is formed in us.

The Good Shepherd and HIs Sheep

A study of John 10:1-18 and what it shows about Jesus as the Good Shepherd guiding the sheep of His flock.

The Fulfilment of the Festival of Trumpets

The ancient Jewish Festival commemorating the blowing of trumpets has deep and profound spiritual meaning for Christians today.

On Eagles' Wings

How Christians can soar like eagles on the winds of God's Spirit.

The Seven Beatitudes of Revelation

Most people have heard of the beatitudes in Matthew 5. But have you ever thought about the beatitudes in Revelation? There are seven of them...

The River of God

A sermon inspired by a visit to the Niagara Falls. The immense power of an overflowing river is an apt picture of God's dynamic Holy Spirit.

Silent Sermons

A look at three powerful Bible preachers who said nothing.

Believing is Seeing

A second sermon inspired by a visit to Niagara Falls. The amazing exploits of people walking on tightropes across the thundering falls portray valuable lessons for Christians today.

The Apostles' Creed

A brief and historic summary of the major doctrines of Christianity.

Death by Sin

Sin isn't a pleasant subject, but it is very important to God, according to the Bible.

The Best Medicine

Does God ever laugh? Would Jesus ever tell a joke? What type of humour should Christians enjoy?

The Battle for the Bible

It’s as if we are in a Battle for the Bible! Christians are the only ones who believe it. Most of the modern world is against it, claiming that the Bible is full of myths and legends, written thousands of years ago and now disproved by science and modern knowledge. So let’s look at the question of “Can we believe the Bible?” 

God of the Covenants

"You will be shocked at the number of covenants mentioned in the Bible", according to this sermon. God has always wanted to build personal relationships with His people, so He has made a huge number of agreements or covenants with them.  Have a look at some of them in this sermon.

The Psalm of the Cross

Psalm 22 is like an x-ray looking into the mind of Jesus, revealing His thoughts and feelings while He hung on the cross. This passage describes the crucifixion in more detail than anywhere else in the Bible.

What is God like?

The greatness of God can’t be conceived or imagined by man. If we could conceive Him in our minds, then our minds would be greater than He is. But this sermon makes an effort to explore some of His qualities.