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St Patrick's Legacy

He was a man who could relate to people. He had worked hard, suffered hardship, been wrenched from his family. But he wasn't just relatable because of what he went through, but for his appreciation of what he didn't have to go through. He was able to tell people about God's salvation, and how he, himself, had been saved.

He was able to talk to people with entirely different beliefs, and from a different culture to his own. He was able to tell them about God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. He was able to teach them about the Trinity.

Patrick was one of Christianity's greatest missionaries. He took the word of God, and didn't just cling to it - he shared it.

St Patrick and the shamrock

He inspired others to do the same, and believe it or not, Ireland sent out missionaries to England, to preach the good news. Patrick followed the example of the disciples, like Paul, who encouraged Timothy to pass along the faith as his own mother and grandmother had done. Timothy's family left a legacy of faith for Timothy to carry on. (see 2 Timothy 1:1-5)

Today as the world celebrates the more worldly aspects of St Patrick's day, let's remember what Patrick did for the world. Let's try to follow his example and spread to the world the good news - the Gospel. No matter the sacrifice, no matter the cost, the gift we have received is not just for us - it's for everyone, and sharing the gospel should be our life's work.

"We can prepare a spiritual inheritance for those whose lives we influence by living in close communion with God. In practical ways, we make His love a reality to others when we give them our undivided attention, show interest in what they think and do, and share life with them. We might even invite them to share in our celebrations! When our lives reflect the reality of God’s love, we leave a lasting legacy for others. —Keila Ochoa" (see OBD entry for 15 March, 2017)

There's plenty of bad news out there, and happenings in many countries can rock and shock our world, but there is hope. Let's be one of the catalysts for hope and peace, being a living example of faith, thankfulness, and joy.

Enjoy your St Patrick's Day, wherever you are in the world today, and remember to share some of the true joy given to you.

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