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Mission and Vision

We are looking at our mission and vision over the next few weeks. Working from our purpose and values, we hope our vision is bold enough that we never finish fulfilling it, while also being realistic enough to let us see progress and not become discouraged.

Our Church uses the phrase "Living and Sharing the Gospel". We can certainly look at the scriptures and see what is referred to as the Great Commission - going into the world and making disciples - but this reflects only the "sharing" part of "Living and Sharing the Gospel". Firstly needs to come the Christian Life, where we become living examples of the gospel, showing how God's grace has changed and blessed us. The "living" is quite appropriately placed first, before the sharing. Without genuine Christian beliefs and behaviours built into our lives, our sharing is just talk and lacking in substance. Living the gospel therefore becomes a foundation and launching pad to "go out". But neither "living the gospel" or "sharing the gospel" are passive. They are dynamic, and active. The purpose and over-arching vision driving us is the gospel. How, now, do we go about this work?

"Vision without a task is only a dream. A task without a vision is but drudgery. But a vision with a task is a dream fulfilled." - Willie Stone.

We closed our service this week with a song by Robin Mark, called "Lord, Enlarge Our Vision." The words are below:

Lord enlarge our vision and increase our faith

May we stand securely in the words You gave

We can reach this world and win this land

And walls will tumble down, walls will tumble down

There's a light that's shining on this western shore

And it blazes brighter than it did before

We can send Your light through all this land

And see Your kingdom come, and see Your Kingdom come


O Lord there is a price to pay

I know I have a part to play

No part too small, no price too high

We're not satisfied 'til we stand

In Your promised land

©1996 Song Solutions Daybreak

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