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What Are You Saying?

Were you amazed to find out that the sign language translator at Mandela's funeral was sending out meaningless signals? Apparently he was gesturing enthusiastically but he did not interpret what was being said. The message of the speakers was not conveyed to those who watched him. This is a time of year when many people watch Christians. I wonder how we interpret Christ's message to them. It can be a mad season, can it not? We can be rushing around in all directions, our arms flailing about frenetically, in our mad dash to get things done and put things in order. What do others see? How are we relaying the message of Jesus? Every Christian is an interpreter of Christ. The Apostle Paul talked about this. He asked: what is the point of conveying a message if no one understands what you're saying or doing? Having been translated many times at conferences and conventions, I have come to understand that good interpreters are worth their weight in gold. Often they are taken for granted, but it is an essential role. Once I was interpreted by a woman, who not only translated my words, but also copied my vocal inflections, facial gestures and moved whenever I moved. For me it was quite disconcerting, but the audience thought she relayed the message perfectly. What about us? Are we faithful interpreters of Christ, or do we get lost in our own translation because we get distracted or caught up in the business of the season? Follow what Jesus says, and let others see our faithful interpretation. Best regards, James Henderson

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