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"A Child on Earth For Me"

God comes to us.

This was my answer when someone asked me what I thought was the most important point about the birth of Jesus.

God comes to us: this, more than anything, is central to the story.

It is more relevant than angels, gifts, glittering trees, wise men, shepherds, and donkeys in stables. That God took on our humanity by becoming flesh and bones, like we are, is more important than “the sweet and silly Christmas things, bath salts and inexpensive scent, and hideous tie so kindly meant”, as the poet John Betjeman wrote.

In his poem “Christmas” Betjeman went on to ask, “And is it true? and is it true? the most tremendous tale of all?”. That “the Maker of the stars and sea” should “become a child on earth for me?”

“And is it true? For if it is… No love that in a family dwells, no carolling in frosty air, nor all the steeple-shaking bells, can with this single Truth compare”.

Everything changed when Christ was born. Everything. It became known that God is not some remote figure, occasionally watching us from a distance. He came to us, and he comes to us still. “God” is “with us” (Matthew 1:23 NIV). Let the good news of God’s incredible incarnation comfort and change you.

God came to us in Jesus, and Jesus is coming again. What’s more, wherever you are, whatever your situation is, God comes to you now.

This post was taken from Used by permission.

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