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Clean up your space

Perhaps you have been watching the lead up to the Oscars and all the surrounding hype and publicity. One of the movies nominated in various categories is called “Gravity”. In the film a storm of debris approaches a satellite station.

The immediate space orbiting our planet is littered with all kinds of junk, such as the remains of old satellites, that fly around the earth at speeds of up to 28,150 kilometres per hour. This is of great concern to scientists and, of course, astronauts.

Interestingly, a team of workers in Japan have begun research into a device that would slow down the speed of the junk and move it into a lower orbit where, hopefully, it would burn up as it enters the earth’s atmosphere. Sounds a great idea, doesn’t it? I wonder whether it would work with my untidy workspace too. Could they please design a household de-cluttering device?

Spiritually speaking, our hearts and minds can be clogged up with emotional and mental junk – concepts and thoughts that intrude on our life and slow down our progress. There are many such ideas that get in our way: anger, greed, hate, lust, etc.: they make our spiritual atmosphere not only toxic but also dangerous for us and for others.

Jesus came to clean up our junk, so to speak. Salvation is not just being lifted out of some approaching catastrophe: it is helping us to get rid of the things that crowd our space negatively in the here and now so that we can move ahead into a more fulfilling future.

Why not turn to Jesus?

Let him help you clean up your space.

James Henderson

Used with permission from Because.

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