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You Are Unique

Did you read or hear about the recent story of a robber who was caught by a kiss?

It took place in Paris. The thief felt sorry for a lady shop assistant who was understandably distressed when he and another robber poured water on her, claiming it was petrol. So he gave her a kiss to re-assure her. Later his DNA was taken from an unrelated robbery, for which he was in prison, and matched with the DNA from the kiss!

DNA is regarded as a unique identifier. Although we are all human collectively, at the same time every one of us is different. Our life is a celebration of togetherness and individuality.

What about God? Does his drawing us into the collective life of Christ erase our individuality? One of the fears that people sometimes have about religion is that we lose ourselves completely, and that we all became the same, like mindless automatons.

Does God, who made us unique in so many ways, wish to take away our individual uniqueness?

The Bible suggests an answer in the writing of the apostle Paul. He explained that, even though believers are together in faith, each believer is an individual.

God values our unique identities, and each of us remains special to him.

- James Henderson

(used with permission from "Because")

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