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From disgrace to grace

Disgrace has been in the national and international news.

Following trials or official enquiries, it’s become clear that some politicians and celebrities have been shamed because they are guilty of sexual offenses, or of fraud, or of deceit, or of murder, or of some other criminal act. If truth be told, chances are we are all guilty of something, albeit on not quite so dramatic or open a scale. We all hide secret shame for things we have done and not revealed.

The Biblical book of Hebrews records that Jesus was subjected to “public disgrace” (6:6), but in his instance it was totally undeserved. Although there were trumped up charges laid against him, Jesus did not defend himself. He chose to take on the disgrace of the cross that was actually our disgrace. Imagine an innocent person who stands up in a leading trial and claims to take the blame on behalf of the accused whose guilt is evident to all.

That’s what Jesus did. It’s the Christian message. He endured the shameful disgrace of crucifixion, and, in so doing, appropriated our disgrace to himself. In Jesus all the wrong things we have done, or do, or will do, become forgiven. Our slate is wiped clean. We, who were guilty, are now pardoned. The shame has gone. With Jesus we can start again.

Because Jesus died on the cross every single one of us has moved from disgrace to grace.

Accept the grace of Jesus.

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