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Where do I begin?

Does it really matter where things begin?

Society often sees the origin of something as being connected to ownership.

For example, a biographer of Anna Pavlova wote that a chef in Wellington created the pavlova when the dancer visited New Zealand on her world tour. However there are claims that an Australian first created the dish. Despite the rivalry over ownership of the pavlova there are some critics who think the question of the beginings of this popular dish in the two countries will never be completely settled. Meringues have been made with cream for a long time and despite the sense of ownership by each country, the pavlova may have been first thought of elsewhere.

The biblical Genesis is translated as “the book of beginnings”, and has its opening as “in the beginning God”. It may be an objectional idea to some, but this is a statement about beginning and belonging. It says that God is the beginning of everything and everyone, and that we are his.

One of my faults is that I have lots of unfinished projects. I begin something and then forget about it, or don’t follow it through. Maybe you also do this sometimes.

But God is not like this. He does not begin with us and then leave us to be claimed by someone or something else. That’s what the story of Jesus is about. We originate with God and he continues with us. His love is constant, and he claims that we are his.

How we began does matter.

And it continues to matter.

You are God’s.

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