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One step for man, a giant leap for mankind?

On July 21, many years ago, the first human stepped on to the surface of the moon. It was a momentous occasion for many on Earth - a symbol that we meant something in the universe and we could conquer all odds with our technology and developing knowledge. It was a step in the name of Progress, a step that showed hope for the human race. A triumph. Apollo 11 had landed. Armstrong took the first step for mankind on alien soil, and the US astronauts proclaimed it for Earth. How are we tracking in progress, 45 years later? The events of 1969 have faded into history, and the world has continued in its own pursuits. Couples have joined together, couples have separated, babies have been born, wars waged, countries divided, nations united, medical advances saved lives, and innocents have been killed. Diseases suppressed, super bugs emerged. Is this a continuation of mankind's progress? or its degneration? Where is mankind's future? and where does our hope lie? Regardless of what happens on earth, we can look forward to a new type of world, one where the vagaries of wayward government, and the uncertainty of knowledge and technology are left behind, one where divine leadership provides forgiveness and a real opportunity to start over. There are hard roads ahead, and we are told to expect tribulations. One step forward for man, two steps back.... but despite mankind, God's plan will continue, and ultimately be mankind's salvation. Can we be patient as God works it all out? Matthew 24:1-25, Acts 1:7-8,Revelation 21:1–4

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