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  • By James Henderson


It has been a week of horrifying news. What with the real-time televised murder of a US reporter and cameraman, the drowning of around 500 migrants off the Libyan coast, and the report of 70 people found dead in the back of a truck in Austria, one wonders what next? What is wrong with the world? Everything seems so out of control. A long time ago a man called Ezekiel pinpointed the problem. Why is there so much violence and killing was the question being discussed. The answer was to get "a new heart and a new spirit" (Ezekiel 18:31). In other words a radical transformation was needed. That's still what we need today. The only way to change the world begins with changing how we are inside. This is what the message of Jesus is all about. He died and rose from the dead so that we can have that new heart and new spirit. Accept Jesus, and let that change within you begin.

This article was first published at Used by permission.

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