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  • Rex Morgan

After you die...

What would you like to be done with your ashes after you die? Would you like them fizzing around inside a snow globe? Launched into space? Or perhaps fashioned into a sparkling diamond?

A recent NZ Herald article entitled “Dying to be up with latest burial fads” reported that “Australians are increasingly requesting in their wills to be made into snow globes, vinyl records and other unusual things.”

The report said that several companies are turning human ashes into diamonds so clients can “hold on to your special memories forever”.

A business called “Ashes to Ashes” specialises in “sending cremated ashes skyward”, many of them as firecrackers, with some people asking for their remains to orbit the earth indefinitely.

One Australian organisation is building a $500,000 facility to offer people the chance to be cryonically frozen after death in the hope that they could one day come back to life.

Is there any way of knowing what happens to people after they die? Science isn’t able to detect the answer, but there is one being who is able to know—the God who created all things. And he doesn’t leave us ignorant. He tells us about the afterlife in his word, the Bible. Read more about this topic in our article “Is Death the End?”

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