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Let's do Coffee!

Last weekend Rex Morgan's sermon topic was "Christianity and Coffee--the Gospel in a Cup", outlining some of the spiritual principles we can learn from coffee. For instance, coffee is all about relationships, and so is Christianity. Coffee wakes us up, and so does the Holy Spirit. Lukewarm coffee is no good, and neither are lukewarm Christians.

Some fresh green coffee beans were cooked in a portable roaster and pulverised in a small grinder to illustrate the way Christians must go through trials to develop character. The lovely aroma of roasting coffee permeated the hall as members read the scriptures about our duty to spread the aroma of the gospel (2 Cor 2:14-17).

New meaning was given to the blending of incense as a sweet perfume for God (Ex 30:36).

After services members tasted a plunger of freshly roasted coffee and reflected on the adage that "Christians are like coffee: their real strength doesn't show up until they are in hot water."

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