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We are GCI!

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Last weekend Rex Morgan reported to the congregation on his return from the International Denominational Conference in Orlando, Flor

ida. The accompanying photo shows some of the eager Ghanaian participants. Here is the report from the Announcement Bulletin:

Over 1000 members, hailing from 29 countries, attended the International Conference in Orlando from August 1st through 6th, joyously celebrating the theme “We are GCI!”.

The programme kicked off with a Theological Seminar for Pastors given by Gary Deddo. After an opening address by Joe Tkach, Cathy Deddo spoke on “Finding Personal Wholeness in Jesus”. Among other sessions, Heber Ticas gave a powerful presentation on Evangelism (“Outside the Walls”), Ross Jutsum conducted a workshop on “Worship for Fellowship Groups”, and outside guest speakers covered the issues of “Generosity” and “Leadership”. Each of the Mission Developers gave updates on the situation in their parts of the globe, and the five US Regional Pastors gave an account of highlights and trends in their respective areas. There was a presentation on Youth Ministry Development including addresses by some of the Church’s emerging leaders, a ceremony for 30 students graduating from Grace Communion Seminary, and a hilarious evening session featuring a Christian comedian. In his closing address, Joe Tkach announced that he will be retiring at the end of next year, with Greg Williams replacing him as GCI President. The Church Office is moving from Glendora, California to Charlotte, North Carolina in April 2018.

For Dennis, Sue and me it was a wonderful opportunity to network with fellow ministers from all over the world, including meeting up with old friends, quite a number of whom Dennis and I have known since we went to Ambassador College, Bricket Wood in 1970, as well as being brought up to date with the issues of importance for GCI at this time. We were also invited to a special evening gathering of all the Filipinos at the Conference. All in all, it was a very successful and inspirational conference, and we will look forward to sharing more with you verbally in the various church areas in the near future.

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