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The Christmas Message

James Henderson, our Regional Director in the UK and Europe, recently posted this "Thought for the Week". We reprint it here as we wish our readers a very meaningful Christmas.

"According to some recent surveys, Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas message is one of the programmes that will be most watched on TV or listened to on radio on the 25th December. Maybe you’re one of those people who will tune into it, or maybe you’re not. "If you think about it, the remarkable birth of Jesus Christ is all about a message that was broadcast for everyone everywhere. It was first announced to shepherds in a field. This is a message not to be missed, and it’s the main message of this season. "What is this message? "It’s the happiest news we’ll ever hear, something that brings more joy to the world than anything else. You see, according to the Bible, someone was born for you and me. For us, for all of us, was born a Saviour, who is Jesus Christ, our Lord. "This Christmas, accept your Saviour, the ultimate gift."

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