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Golden Oldies

In last weekend's sermon Pastor Rex surveyed what the Bible says about retirement and growing older as God's "Senior Saints".

The long list of Bible characters who were active in God's service in their older years (for instance, Noah was over 500 when he built the ark!) is testimony to the respect and value God holds for older people. Even He is called the "Ancient of Days"! Interestingly, Paul talked about himself as an "old man" in Philemon 9, but his advancing years didn't hinder his zeal to serve his God (verse 22),

God's command that the Levites retire at age 50 (Num 8:25) shows that He approves of the principle of retirement. Life has its seasons, and retirement is an opportunity to enjoy grandchildren, and to devote more time to prayer and involvement in God's Work (Psa 71:18).

Our "Old" years can be our "Gold" years if we ensure that the "G" in our years refers to our participating with God in everything we do.

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