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  • James Henderson

Halloween and Evil

You tend to love it or hate it. I’m talking about Halloween. It’s an annual reminder of superstition, often laced with laughter and stupid antics when adults and children alike dress up as vampires and devils in order to scare us. Does this suggest that we’ve outgrown the world of demons and ghouls, and that we can laugh at evil? Can we really laugh at evil? If we think of a few of the recent news stories such as the humanitarian catastrophe of the war in Yemen, extremist attacks in the USA, the Philippines and elsewhere, and constant stories about sexual abuse, we can see that evil is not a laughing matter. It’s not over. The evil within us and around us is very real. The Christian message is that we can get free of evil. With Jesus Christ we can begin to transform who we are so that we don’t hurt each other and engage in evil. Nor do we have to be afraid of imagined or real demons, because in Jesus the fear of evil is overcome. Trust in Jesus. And let him deliver you from evil.

A topical “Thought for the Week”, written by our Director in the UK, James Henderson (

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