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Feeling the Cyclone's Sting

With the weather in New Zealand this weekend, due to ex-tropical Cyclone Lusi, many of us are today without power. Many of us battened down our homes for wind, cleared drains, stocked up on batteries, bottled water, and other supplies, and generally took precautions to prepare for the predicted storm. Trees are down, and rain has caused some problems too, with more yet to come throughout the country. We had plenty of warning, which isn't always the case, and that warning and preparation could make all the difference.

The wild weather brought to mind a recent blog post by James Henderson. Read on for his words on the weather....

It seems like the weather is in the news wherever you look.

What with the volcanic eruption in Indonesia, the bush fires in Australia, drought in several places in Africa, severe storms in parts of the US, and heavy rains in Europe, there is much cause for concern.

I read an article in the national press that suggested reasons for what’s going on. One main suggestion, is, of course, global warming brought on by our own callous disregard of the earth’s eco-systems. Another is that God, if there is one, is angry with humanity and wants to teach us a lesson. In fact, just a few days ago, several people in the UK told me quite categorically that God is punishing the UK for its immorality by sending the floods that have inundated some counties.It’s reminiscent of the biblical story of Noah, which has been made into a new Hollywood movie. In it a worldwide flood is described as a punishment for sin.

Does God do that today? Is he manipulating the weather to get our attention? Obviously he could, but is he? I don’t think anyone is in a position to second-guess God’s intentions. The truth is that we don’t know. We do, however, have some clues as to how God thinks. The Bible explains that society reaps the results of its own actions, and also that time and chance exists. God is in our response to events, not necessarily in the events themselves. His love is seen in how we help others who are caught up in distress.

Also, Noah and his flood are more about grace than about punishment. We tend to forget that. The earth and humanity were spared: “Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord” is how it’s phrased in the biblical account. The intent and the result was grace.

Grace is God’s desire for us above all. In fact that’s why he sent his Son, Jesus. He sent Jesus to save us from ourselves and from our sins.

Whatever the weather may be doing, it doesn’t take away or diminish God’s grace towards us.

All of us have found grace in the eyes of the Lord. at Because

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